California edit pretends to be a digital press, in an intertwined and virtual society, intending to be known by its quality and audacity. California edit has two editorial fronts, academic psychology and journalism, and will count on a web page, to make our different products visible, with blogs, forums, interviews, academic news among others.

1. Our main focus will be hypertext books in the psychology field.

2. Our web page looks forward to be a visible site of scientific psychology published work, with critical reviews on books and articles.

3. There will be free digital books from author and friends who have willingly and graciously given up their copyrights,

4. We are designing an experiment on which psychology authors will work on chapters online. Other researchers as well as readers will participate and interact with commentaries that will enrich the final text.

California edit intents to have a staff of correspondents and influent researchers and their feedbacks to nourish their work and our work as well.